Frank Ficarra

Grandma's Spoon...

I've always known I wanted to be a chef. To me, there was nothing like being in the kitchen. Not just any kitchen, but Grandmama's. My grandma Maryann was one of the most special people in the world. She was the matriarch; the glue that held everything and everyone together. Grandmama would fight the rumbling of bellies with two weapons of choice: her kitchen blouse and her battle tested wooden spoon.


The blouses were numerous, but there was only one spoon. This spoon had bested time. It had been burnt, scarred and skewed. But there was magic in this spoon. Grandmama threw her love and knowledge into this spoon. It had brought more smiles to friends and family's faces than anything else. This spoon isn't just a spoon. It is the embodiment of Grandmama. It represents her in every way -- no matter how much you go through in life, how bent and scarred you become, you can still spread love and bring smiles to peoples faces and fill their bellies.


That is what Grandmama was about. That's what this spoon is about. It's what I hope I can be about.  I will never be as good of a cook as she was and I can only hope to be a fraction of the amazing person she was. But I hope, with this magic spoon, that I can at least make people smile, laugh, and go home with full bellies.

I owe this restaurant to a lot of people. . I had a lot of help to get here but the person that Dill is dedicated to is my Grandmama. Without her, I would not be cooking today.

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14 North Main St., New City, NY 10956


How to find us:

New City Center on the corner of

Main St. & Congers Rd


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